Precision Rifle

Saturday, August 29, 2015 - 8:00am to Sunday, August 30, 2015 - 5:00pm

This course is designed to introduce the novice shooter to the science that has become precision rifle shooting using a scope. Duplex, Mildot, Milling, and MOAR scopes will be covered. It is strongly suggested that scopes have at least ½ MOA adjustment capability.


This two day long class will introduce the student to the following:

Basic Safety

Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Optic Nomenclature

Defining Minute of Angle and “Mil”

Adjustment of POI (Point of Impact)

Internal and external ballistics

Cold bore Shooting

Effects of weather/wind

Proper body positions


The class is divided into three parts.

Classroom work

Interactive computer program

Range work (max distance 200 yds.)

At this step each shooter will have his particular rifle chronographer and will be provided the next day with a personalized ballistics/trajectory chart

Students will also establish a 100 or 200 yard "Zero" that will be critical for Sundays evolution of fire.

Sunday will begin with a course of fire at 200 yards and then 600 yards for those members wishing to obtain their High Power Range clearance.

There will be an opportunity to fire at other distances after the qualification course and is dependent of the level of range usage by other members.


A basic understanding of rifle marksmanship is desired.

Calibers need to be .223 or in the 30 cal. family. No 50 caliber allowed.

Spotting scopes and shooting mats if you have them.

Personal rifles should be equipped with a Duplex, Mil-Dot/ Milling/ MOAR scope and be zeroed (if possible) to 100 yds. prior to class.

Students must provide at least 80 rounds of ammo. (match grade preferred) as well as note taking material and a calculator with SIN/COS capability.

Eye and ear protection mandatory.

Ball cap or floppy jungle hat

Bug repellent/Sunscreen

Comfortable clothes / BDUs

Sand sock, small sand bag

Bi pod or backpack/hunting bag
Rifle Sling

Data book if you own one


Bring snacks/lunch for Sunday as well as hydration liquids for both days.

Cost: $300

Non-refundable $100 deposit required


Harvey Amos



Lead Instructor:

Chris Avery

USMC Recruit Rifle Range Holder

USMC Scout Sniper 12 years experience

Deployments include both Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi


Combat Decorations include Combat Infantry Badge

ISMC Combat Action Ribbon and the Bronze Star

10 years experience as professional long range precision rifle instructor.

Assistant Instructor:

Harvey Amos

Former member of 82nd Abn Division

Weapons and Communications Specialist

11th Special Forces (Reserve)

Former Iraqi Security Contractor

Tactical Medic and Bodyguard on VIP protection teams for The US Dept. of State

WPPS 1 & WPPS II DOS Certifications

Atlanta Firearms Precision Rifle Course

NRA Law Enforcement Instructor

Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun, Precision Rifle.

Cost is $300 per person.
Class begins at 9am in the Pole Barn

Harvey Amos,  321-403-3468

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