AR-Clinic & Fun-shoot

Repeats every year 1 times .
Saturday, December 23, 2017 - 7:30am

AR-15 Clinic & Fun Shoot!! 8 AM till 12:00PM

Do you want a chance to stretch out and shoot your AR Rifle or carbine or similar rifle caliber platforms out to 200yds or 300yds at PMRPC? Using our Electronic Target system!!!

On the fourth Saturday of the month the PMRPC High Power Range will be open to the general membership and permitted use of this type of rifle or similar semi-auto rifles. Under Range Officers supervision and tutelage, you will be guided on how to handle, field disassemble, re-assemble, load and fire your rifle properly and safely at longer ranges and in different shooting positions.

Bring a minimum of 75 rounds of suitable ammo. Commercial Ammunition only!

Sign-up below or show up on that day at  07:30AM!!!






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