2013 Snowbird X-Miss Match

Friday, December 27, 2013 - 7:00am to Monday, December 30, 2013 - 5:00pm

2013 Snowbird X-Miss Match

Mid Range Highpower 600 Yard Match Program

Palm Bay, Florida

NRA Registered Tournament ID#2013123122


Sponsors:  The Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.

Dates: December 26 Practice; December 27, 28, 29, 30, 2013 Match.

Location: Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club is in the city of Palm Bay, FL. Exit I-95 at exit 173 westbound on Malabar Road, State Rd. 514. Follow Malabar Rd. 4.8 miles to Hurley Road. Go left on Hurley Rd. The gate to the club is at the road's end.

Information and Data Website: www.pmrpcrifle.com , www.pmrpc.com

Rules: This is an NRA Registered Match. All current NRA Highpower Rules for a Registered Match will apply.

Eligibility: Open to anyone.

Entries: Entries are limited to the first 80 individuals and the first 20 teams. Advance registration is preferred. Entries after 12/17/13 should call to check on availability and will be subject to a $20 late fee. Last year this event was a sell out. Please do not count on walk in entries!!!!


Entry Fees:

Individual Fees per day:

Adult PMRPC members.............$40.00

Adult non-members................... $45.00

Juniors........................................ $  5.00


Individual Fees for all three days when paid before start of fire on Friday(plus late fee if applicable):

Adult PMRPC members.............$110.00

Adult non-members....................$125.00

Juniors.........................................$ 15.00

Team Fees for Monday Dec 30:

$120 per 4-competitor team


Squadding: Squadding and briefing begins at 0730 AM. All matches will be squadded. Squadding for individual matches will be issued during the briefing by the Statistical Officer in the Registration area behind the 600 yard line. NRA Membership numbers and classification cards must be exhibited before squadding assignments are made. If a competitor fails to present himself at the proper firing point when his relay is called, or fails to show in the Pits before Pits seal, he may lose his right to compete in that event. High Masters and Masters will be grouped together when possible but this is not guaranteed as per Rule, 11.6.7. The second and third day will be squadded by grouping the high scoring shooters together. Competitors will shoot on different relays and different targets each day regardless of classification. Late entries may not get premium squadding. Total satisfaction is not guaranteed.

Classifications: The NRA Highpower Classification system will be used. Unclassified competitors will compete in the Master Class. Rule 19.6 – Assigned Classification, or 19.2 – Temporary classification may be used in making entry provided documentation is presented to the STAT Officer.

Rifle Allowed & NRA Rule: Current NRA High Power Rifle rules shall govern this event. Allowable rifles must comply with rule 3.1 for Service Rifle; 3.2 for Any Rifle; 3.3 for Match Rifle; 3.3.1 Palma Rifle; 3.3.2 Any Sight Rifle; and 3.4 (a) & (b) for F-Class Rifle.

Ammunition: Rule 3.17, provided by the competitor.

Scoring & Pits: All competitors shall perform scoring and pit duties. Those competitors with physical limitations that need assistance should notify the Match Director in advance. The pit rotation will be announced during the briefing.

Targets: 300 yard MR63 target & MR63 F-Class target, 500 Yard

600 yard MR-1 target, & 600 yard MR-1FC F-Class targets.

Course of Fire:

Squadded Practice Thursday Dec 26 at 10 AM and 2 PM ($10 fee for the day)


Friday Dec 27, 2013

Match 1: 300 Yards-Unlimited sighting shots, 15 shots for record, prone slow fire in 20 minutes.

Match 2: 500 Yards-2 sighting shots, 15 shots for record, prone slow fire in 17 minutes.

Match 3: 600 Yards-2 sighting shots, 15 shots for record, prone slow fire in 17 minutes.

Match 4: Aggregate of matches 1, 2, & 3.


Saturday Dec 28, 2013

Match 5: 600 Yards-Unlimited sighting shots, 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 25 minutes.

Match 6: 600 Yards-2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 22 minutes.

Match 7: 600 Yards-2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 22 minutes.

Match 8: Aggregate of matches 5, 6, & 7


Sunday Dec 29, 2013

Match 9: 600 Yards-Unlimited sighting shots, 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 25 minutes.

Match 10: 600 Yards-2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 22 minutes.

Match 11: 600 Yards-2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 22 minutes.

Match 12: Aggregate of matches 9, 10, & 11.


Monday Dec 30, 2013, 4-Competitor Team Event

Course of Fire:

Match 1: 600 Yards-2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 22 minutes.

Match 2: 600Yards-2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 22 minutes.

Match 3: 600 Yards-2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 22 minutes.

Match 4: Aggregate of matches 1, 2, & 3.


Awards: Every competitor will receive an Official Snowbird X-Miss Match LONG Sleeve Shirt and Challenge Coin. Be sure to include your shirt size on your entry!!! Categories will be Palma, Iron Sight Rifle, Service Rifle, Scoped Rifle, F-Class Open & F-TR. Each category will be divided into Classes. Awards will be given for Matches 1 through 12. Separate class awards will be given if five or more competitors are entered in a class. Five or more entries will make a class for one award; eight or more for 2 awards; thirteen or more for 3 awards. If there are fewer than five High Masters entered, they must fire for Place and Category awards only.  High Masters and Masters will not be combined. Other classes of less than five may be combined. F-Class will be split into Open & F-TR if there are enough entries. After the NRA fees for a registered match are set aside, approximately half of the remaining fees are distributed in awards. Individuals winning a Place or Category award are not eligible for Class awards. All awards will be presented after each day’s event. This takes place approximately 330 PM.

HIGH OVERALL WINNERS: Each Rifle Category; Palma, Iron Sight Rifle, Service Rifle, Scoped Rifle and F-Class Rifle, will have 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place winners for the high aggregate scores of matches 4, 8, and 12. Competitors must shoot in the same Category all three days to be eligible for High Overall placement. Individual match awards will be presented.

TEAM EVENT HIGH OVERALL WINNERS: Each Category; Iron Sight Rifle, Palma Rifle, Service Rifle, Scoped Rifle and F-Class Rifle, will be recognized at a brief meeting in the pole barn after the match.

Barbeque: This year there will be a three-entree barbeque on Sunday after the conclusion of the individual events. Target time is 3:00.  You can enjoy your meal while awards and statistics are prepared.  It is complementary to competitors, $15 for guests, $5 for small children. We need reservations for extra tickets at registration.

Lodging: The following hotels are within fifteen minutes of the range, mention PMRPC and Snowbird X-Miss for discount rates$$$:

Comfort Suites, 1175 Malabar Road, Palm Bay, FL 32907 321-369-1234,

Days Inn West Melbourne, FL (321) 724-2051

Holiday Inn Express, Palm Bay, FL (321) 220-2003

Beachside hotels are available on request but the drive time is 45 to 50 minutes.

On site camping: Campsites with electricity are available on the Club property for $10 per night. Contact the Match Director for information. Pump out will be available.

Additional Information: The Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club welcomes all competitors to the 2013 Snowbird X-Miss Match.  We hope you have a safe and pleasant shooting experience at our facility. See our website: www.PMRPC.com. Club Bylaws and Range Rules and Regulations apply to all activities at the PMRPC facility. The Release and Hold Harmless Agreement may be previewed there.

Local rules: All participants are strongly encouraged to wear eye and ear protection on the firing line and eye protection, ear protection and a hat is strongly recommended in the pits. All shooters are required to sign a Release and Hold Harmless Agreement to participate.  All minors (under 18 years) must be under direct adult supervision anywhere on club property.

Every competitor is expected to have every shot in the frame.  Equipment capable of 15 minutes elevation above the 200 yard zero with bullet muzzle velocity of 2700+/-400 fps is expected.  Come with a 100 or 200, or 300, or 600 zero. We will not accommodate first time installations of new scopes or new irons. Each shooter is responsible for every round leaving their rifle. Once the Match starts, a non-visible miss may be grounds to pull the competitor from the line, even during the sighting period, at the discretion of the Chief Range Officer. Scorers need to ensure the shooter has his 600-yard zero on the rifle.  During the unlimited sighting shot interval the scorer may coach the shooter e.g. watch the bullet path down range and offer corrections. Coaching is only allowed during sighting shots. If a non-visible miss off the target cannot be attributed to a cross fire, then the scorer must inform the line officer. The Chief Range Officer will have the discretion to disqualify the competitor for the rest of the match.  

The Scorer will confirm that the data required on the score card are entered and are correct. The Scorer will ensure both he and the shooter complete and sign the score cards. Rule 14.3.1.  The scorer must account for all rounds fired. Incomplete scorecards will not be accepted by the Stat Officer. It is the shooter’s responsibility to ensure the score keeper is recording all shots. If score keeper misses a shot, the shooter may, at the Range Officer’s discretion, be required to shoot additional rounds.

If you develop a sight malfunction, the rules give you time to repair it. The line officer may insist you go to the 50 yard practice range, or the sight in range, and re-zero before he allows you to resume shooting at 600 yards.  If you cannot resume with your relay in the rule’s time available, the penalty described in the rules will be followed. We will not allow unsafe practices or non-visible misses. A Range Alibi maybe called for sighting problems at the discretion of the Chief Range Officer.  

The 600 yard line is now under cover. All positions will be shaded.

An unofficial rattle board or score board convenience scoring chart is kept by the scorekeepers behind the ready line. The scorecards and the Statistical Officer’s report are the official data.

At time of registration, PLEASE identify any cases of equipment sharing, needs for zeroes, needs for help in the pits, new competitors, junior shooters needing an adult, etc.  The Chief Range Officer and the Statistical Officer will do what they can to accommodate/balance the requests via squadding.  Total satisfaction is not guaranteed.

For additional information or questions, please contact the Match Director:


Eric S. Kennard or Cindy Kennard

231 Waterside Drive

Indian Harbour Beach, FL




Chief Range Officer Paolo Donisi

Statistical Officer Terry Sutherland


Event type: